The Publishing Division of Starpower Management includes an array of online and hard copy publications in the literary and music tradition.  Beginning with numerous punk fanzines, subnormal magazine emerged. That publication is now found online.

Hollywood Sentinel is the free online entertainment magazine that features ‘only’ the good news, and covers all areas of entertainment, including fashion, film, art, fiction, music, and more. Hollywood Sentinel features regular, exclusive interviews with the stars, as well as breaking news in the world of entertainment through its daily subscription based e-mail list for VIP’s only.  Hollywood Sentinel is also unique in that it is e-mailed to the offices of every star in its pages.  Hollywood Sentinel advocates for an all natural, healthy lifestyle.

Hollywood Sentinel also features many areas of the arts left out of many publications, including fiction, poetry, and art. The online magazine is further unique in that it provides free ongoing advice on success in the entertainment industry from working Hollywood executives, as well as how to keep children safe in Hollywood.  It also provides valuable information on success in life and on setting and achieving one’s goals.  Hollywood Sentinel further provides news and entertainment with a perspective of seeking spiritual awareness, and having and maintaining a sense of high level integrity in one’s life and work.

In addition to this, the Publishing Division has now expanded into publishing Poetry in both online and hard copy form by select authors.

The company will later this year be publishing yet another new online entertainment magazine devoted to film reviews with specific movie stars from the classic and modern era.

Lastly, the Publishing Division will also be releasing graphic novels / comic books from select writers and illustrators.

The company does not accept unsolicited materials.