About Starpower Management

Starpower Management was conceived and started in the late 1990’s, as a Chicago-based model and talent agency titled “The Starpower Agency.” The name was taken from the title of the song “Starpower” (with its unique spelling with both words ran together and the lower case “p”) by the rock band Sonic Youth, with the band’s blessings.

Starpower CEO Bruce Edwin was speaking with Sonic Youth guitarist and singer Thurston Moore back at that time, and asked Thurston if he could use the name for a new agency. Thurston said he thought it sounded cool, but that he should ask Kim, as it was her song that she wrote. Kim Gordon was in the bus changing, getting ready to play, so Thurston went and asked her on behalf of Bruce. Thurston came back and said, “Hey Bruce, Kim says it’s fine. She digs fashion. I wish you the best with that man.” And the rest is history.

Today, Starpower Management is a multi-million-dollar motion picture production, management, publishing, and public relations entertainment company. Recognized as one of the most powerful entertainment boutique companies in the world, the company represents over 10 billion dollars worth of deals in the areas of masterworks of fine art, literary property, runway and fashion models, celebrities, Grammy Award winners, entertainment companies, billionaires, and small businesses among more.

Publishing Division:

From early rock fanzines and chapbooks to a hard copy glossy cover rock magazine, Starpower now publishes Hollywood Sentinel dot com. It is also launching a new movie star site next quarter and has five books of poetry in preparation with its upcoming new publishing label. It will later expand to include a comic book division to tie in with its motion picture department.

About Hollywood Sentinel

The Hollywood Sentinel official website of HollywoodSentinel.com publishes “only the good news” and features weekly and at times daily new content including interviews with stars and opinion leaders from all areas of the arts. The publication gives free help to those aspiring in Hollywood, and teaches “positive thinking,” avoiding traps of the ego, and “doing good for ourselves and others.” Issues of Hollywood Sentinel have featured exclusive interviews with film and TV stars Tracy Reiner, Donny Most, and New York Times contributing writer Nomi Prins among others. The Archives version of the entertainment news site can be found at TheHollywoodSentinel.com.

CEO: Bruce Edwin

CEO of Starpower Management, founding publisher of Hollywood Sentinel, Bruce Edwin Productions, and Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations, Bruce Edwin represents companies with dozens of Oscar winning, Golden Globe winning, Grammy winning stars, and famous masterworks of fine art in private collections, among more. Formerly representing Michael Jackson guitarist David Williams, he began his Hollywood entertainment career as a Reader for Lakeshore Entertainment and Production Assistant at the TV show EXTRA! Prior to that, he worked as a model and talent agent, booker, and scout. Prior to that, he self-published his own music and film publication, distributed worldwide by Tower Records, through which he interviewed and photographed many stars.  Visit: www.BruceEdwin.com.