Social Responsibility

Starpower Management cares deeply about all civil and human rights, animal rights, and the environment. The company regularly provides free help to artists, and helps issues concerning missing kids, and fighting child abuse and trafficking.

Charitable Work

Bruce Edwin wrote the report partly used by the California State Assembly for the last new law concerning model and talent agents, managers, and acting schools to help better protect children from sexual abuse. He has for years worked with both city, state and federal authorities in his provable successes in fighting child sex trafficking. He gives free advice to parents on keeping kids safe, and also free advice to teenagers and young adults on how to succeed in Hollywood and stay safe in all areas of the entertainment industry.


The company regularly hires or contracts commission based publicists and managers, and periodically hires for positions in various other areas. The company’s internship program is by referral only, and for those who will obtain college credit during the active internship period.

Equal Opportunity

The company is an equal opportunity employer who does not illegally discriminate on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, sex, politics, religion, philosophy, handicap, or sexual orientation, and is proud to work with, respect, and celebrate artists and clients with good integrity of every type. The company is known for its significant representation of and partnership with women at the highest levels. The company is also widely known for its great representation and partnership with a wide base of African- Americans in the film and music industry, which the company has further been commended for at the highest levels.

Free Help for Kids and Artists

Those seeking free advice on keeping kids safe in Hollywood, or any other free advice on success in the entertainment industry from a positive, moral perspective can call the companies public line at 310-226-7176 or contact the CEO’s or companies official Quora page listed herein in the Contact section of this site.


Starpower Management intends to establish in Hollywood a lasting non-profit to help struggling and homeless artists, and to help abused and trafficked children.